Puf Panel Technology

In this PUF insulated building technology the plinth is a RCC Structure and above it the construction of walls and roof is made using PUF Panels. The PUF panels have both sides plain colour coated steel sheet and core has the polyurethane foam.

The roof panels have one side corrugated/trapezoidal sheet and other side plain pre-painted /colour coated sheet and inner core of PUF Material. The support structure/load bearing structure may have steel trusses and purlins.

Puf Panel Technology

M.P. Govt has used these cottages made using PUF Panels for the Anganwadi’s.
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Puf Panel Technology

These Porta Cabins made up of PUF Panels have been used by BHEL for their project site for various purposes including conference room.
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PUF insulated building Bhopal

Indian Railways have used these cabins for their signalling equipments along the track.
Apart from the institutional buyers these PUF panelled buildings can be used by private customers for Site Offices, Cottages for Farm Houses, Godowns, Residential colony at sites for staff and workers.